Increase the potency at home? Easily!

woman and man preparing vegetables to increase potency

In older men, the blood flow is disturbed, the blood does not flow to the genitals, the potency decreases sharply, we will consider in more detail how to increase it at home. After all, it is quite real. Physical activity, psycho-emotional mood, diet will help restore erection and restore male power.

Complex treatment, proper nutrition, massage, gymnastics and exercises are required to control the erection process and train the coccyx, pubic muscles to improve potency at home. Answering the question of how to increase male potency, it is worth saying that folk herbs, homeopathic remedies and a contrast douche will help. But bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs) must be abandoned.

With home methods, it is quite possible to increase sexual desire. The use of certain medications (tranquillizers, antipsychotics) should be treated with caution.

the best medicines

Quickly strengthen potency at home, normalize the functions of the reproductive system can be homeopathic medicines.

In a note!It is not recommended to take pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription. In overdose, they can negatively affect the heart muscle.

therapeutic diet

Normalizing the activity of erectile function means preventing congestion in the pelvic organs and systemic circulation. If you are thinking about how to increase male power through diet, then foods like:

  • parsley, an antioxidant to restore hormone levels, boost immunity,
  • Walnuts, which are desirable for men to take daily to normalize testosterone synthesis, saturate the male body with the necessary nutrients. It is good to eat in combination with honey to increase potency quickly at home,
  • shellfish to have a positive effect on the reproductive system,
  • poultry, lean beef with a high protein content to increase blood circulation, normalize potency,
  • carrots, cod liver and chicken yolks to restore erectile function,
  • legumes, pork, potatoes with vitamin B content to improve cerebral circulation, normalize sleep,
  • beets, fish to improve blood circulation, normalize brain function,
  • bananas, shellfish, sunflower seeds to increase the production of serotonin, normalize the activity of the nervous system,
  • celery, parsley, citrus to increase efficiency, improve the activity of the sexual sphere,
  • rose hips, currants, cabbage, herbs, peppers with vitamin C to normalize blood circulation, increase blood flow to the genitals, increase sexual desire,
  • eggs and dairy products, fish oil with vitamin D to increase potency, rapid maturation of sperm, regulation of male hormones.

Restoring male strength and increasing potency requires the inclusion of minerals, selenium, zinc and magnesium in the diet. Potency fades sharply from excessive alcohol consumption, which leads to liver disturbance, which causes detoxification of the body and reduces the synthesis of male sex hormones.

Smoking also leads to blood circulation problems, the development of atherosclerosis and impotence. Drugs: to the innervation of the male penis, polyneuropathy.

load and exercise

For elderly men who are thinking about how to increase potency at home, it is equally important to keep their weight under control and get rid of unnecessary kilos in time, which only favor the development and progression of impotence, decrease in erection in context. of insomnia, a passive lifestyle. It is necessary to correctly combine rest and physical work, not allowing a long stay in a sitting position, and performing special exercises every day as a guarantee of health and increased male strength at home. The improvement will be noticeable within a few weeks after daily muscle pumping, which will contribute to increased blood circulation and tides to the penis.

Setting a goal, how to quickly increase power, you should not neglect the following exercises:

  • get up, raise the knee joint, press it to the stomach. Make moves up to 15 times,
  • Stand up, bend your knees, and sit up, stretching your glutes. And so up to 20 times,
  • lie down, bend your knees, raising and lowering the hip joint. And so up to 25 times,
  • tense the pubococcygeus muscle for up to 2 minutes, training it in this way,
  • perform rotational movements of the hip joint, up to 15 times.

Therefore, looking for an answer to the question: how to increase potency at home, you can quickly train the pubococcygeus muscle, thereby increasing potency and increasing blood circulation. Exercise is an excellent prevention against prostatitis and other serious male diseases. Long distance walking and running will help disperse blood and improve erections.

Herbal treatment, recipes.

When using folk remedies, you need to make sure that there is no allergic reaction and unpleasant symptoms afterwards. Here are good time-tested recipes if you are wondering how to improve potency in men at home with folk remedies:

  • calamus (50 g), make an alcohol tincture. Grate the root, add vodka (300 ml), insist and take 30 drops before meals. The course of treatment is 3 months,
  • hops (dry cones) ground into powder, 1 tbsp. pour boiling water (1 cup), leave for 0. 5 hours and drink at any time of the day when unpleasant alarming symptoms appear,
  • hawthorn (150 g) pour water (1 l), boil up to 7 minutes, insist (cover tightly with a lid). Take with weak potency and inflammatory course in the prostate,
  • turnip, grate, mix with carrots (2x1), add honey (1 tablespoon), take shortly before a date with women or 2 teaspoons. 2 times a day,
  • garlic (5 cloves), chop, pour water (1 l), leave for about 7 days. So, 60 g daily up to 3 times, for a positive effect on the circulatory system, cleansing the blood vessels, preventing thrombosis, normalizing hot flashes in the genitals,
  • chop nuts (1 tbsp. l), pour honey (100 ml), take the drug on an empty stomach for 2 tsp.

If you are still thinking about how to quickly increase potency at home, the following medicinal herbs will also help you:

  • ginseng (tincture), take 15-20 drops before meals, up to 4 times a day, in the absence of sleep, to increase testosterone, improve male potency. Ginseng, an excellent stimulant of the reproductive system. Able to quickly eliminate erectile dysfunction and normalize the activity of the endocrine system. Good to take in combination with cinnamon and honey,
  • nettle (you can buy a tincture at a pharmacy or insist on vodka yourself), 200 g per 450 ml, for 3 days. Take 1-2 tsp. up to 4 times per stroke,
  • nettle + honey + red wine, combine, take 2-3 tbsp. me before meals,
  • thyme (dry herb), 1 tbsp. Ipour boiling water (1 cup), insist, drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day. Course of treatment, 6 months,
  • hops (cones) pour boiling water (1 cup), put on fire for up to 5 minutes, cool and take 100 ml 3 times a day.

Black tea with the addition of ginger, saffron and cloves will help increase sexual desire and male potency at home.

What else will help?

Increasing potency at home, increasing systemic blood flow, blood supply to the pelvic organs to act on the desired receptors - all this can be achieved using:

  • take contrast baths alternating hot and cold water,
  • visits to the Russian bath to normalize the activity of the prostate. It is useful to go to the steam room first, then pour yourself cold water,
  • To be outside,
  • participate in active sports.

There are many ways to increase potency at home quickly.

What do doctors advise?

  1. Apply new positions during sex, thus exciting women.
  2. Massage the testicles with warm hands for no more than 2-3 minutes to improve the quality of sperm and increase the production of their quantity, ultimately restoring male ability. Such procedures to quickly normalize male power are best done before bedtime.
  3. Combine physical activity with rest.
  4. Visit the bathhouse, spray the stones in the steam room with essential oil to quickly increase potency at home.
  5. Drink infusions with honey after bathing.
  6. Take contrast baths with the addition of laurel to relax.

Carrying out such procedures in a complex will certainly give a man the desired result, will contribute to the development of an erection and the maintenance of normal general well-being.

How fast will the power return to normal? Much depends on the close woman, who is able to support in difficult moments and improve mood.