Folk remedy for potency at home

bad habits and decreased potency how to increase

It is possible to increase potency at home with home remedies, but it is best to use this method of treatment in combination with medications prescribed by your doctor.

How sad it is, but any man, regardless of his age, can face such a problem as a decrease in potency. Today, a decrease in erectile function occurs, as a rule, against the background of physiological and psychological problems, as well as as a result of bad habits.

Statistics show that one in five men has problems of a sexual nature. However, only a few prefer to fight. To understand how to strengthen an erection, you must first find out what pathology is.

Factors that affect the decrease in erection.

There can be several reasons for the temporary and permanent decrease in erectile function.

It is possible to restore sexual activity, but for this it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem:

  • Physiological characteristic.
  • Frustration in the context of psychological reasons.
  • Wrong lifestyle and nutrition.
  • Weak immune system
  • Bad habits: alcohol, smoking.
  • Physical and nervous tension.

Many doctors argue that temporary erectile dysfunction needs to be treated quickly because it is easy to diagnose. But with regard to a permanent disorder, complex and long-term therapy will be required here.

Temporary potency disorder

The weakening of potency can be associated with overwork, lack of sleep, as a result of a stressful situation or overexertion. In this case, a man will be able to restore sexual activity on his own if he only rests for a couple of days.

Sexual impotence

Men can face this problem in case of more serious disorders in the body associated with the heart, kidneys, psychological state and other diseases. So what factors can affect an erection?

  1. Erectile dysfunction can be mainly related to the age of the man. In old age, the level of male hormone levels decreases, which negatively affects sexual activity. In other words, the older the man, the weaker the activity.
  2. Diseases of a urological nature greatly interfere with the normal sex drive. This is especially true for diseases of the genitourinary system: prostatitis, urethritis, etc.
  3. The worst enemies of men are smoking and alcoholic beverages. This addiction can "cripple" even a young man.
  4. Passive lifestyle. A very common cause of decreased erection. Many men work in areas of activity where sedentary work predominates, which negatively affects the work of blood circulation throughout the body.
  5. Nutrition. For most men, fatty and unbalanced foods are the norm, and it is those foods that lead to various disorders of the body. Due to the fact that the body does not receive the necessary trace elements and vitamins, a failure occurs throughout the body, and in particular, a decrease in potency occurs.

To accurately establish the cause of decreased erectile function, you need to contact a specialist who will help you eliminate the problem and maintain health.

Treatment methods

All means of improving an erection are conditionally divided into:

  • Traditional technique used by modern medicine;
  • Non-traditional treatment options used in traditional medicine.

What modern medicine offers

Doctors use several techniques:

Drug therapy

Medications stimulate the body to increase erectile function, they are very effective, but they have several side effects: redness, headache, decreased vision.

Vacuum constrictor therapy

The essence of the therapy is to artificially increase the blood pressure in the cavernous corpuscles of the penis using mechanical devices - a cylinder or pump, whereby the blood flow in the penis is increased, thereby increasing erections. However, this method of treatment also has a side effect: painful ejaculation, bleeding into the skin, and numbness.


Before intercourse, microinjections are made into the penis. The effectiveness of this method of treatment is no more than 70%.

Traditional medicine allows you to achieve a quick effect, however, in case of a decrease in potency, the course of taking drugs and procedures must be repeated.

Unconventional technique

Today, a folk remedy is the best alternative to the technologies of traditional medicine. Using this technique at home is quite realistic. It is very important to apply them continuously.

Traditional medicine, namely decoctions, infusions, herbal teas, natural substances, have a positive effect on the reproductive system:

  • They normalize blood circulation.
  • They have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Strengthens the protective functions.

Experts also recommend the use of drugs to expand blood vessels and normalize hormones, stimulating the production of testosterone.

Regardless of the method of treatment - drug therapy or folk remedy, a man must remember that a decrease in erectile function is not impotence.

Traditional medicine to increase potency.

Before using recipes of traditional medicine, a man should start:

  • Eat properly.
  • Observe sleep patterns.
  • Exercise.
  • Reject bad habits.
  • Relax your nervous system.

And then folk recipes will be able to give maximum efficiency.

Herbs to help

Before using it at home, a consultation with a specialist is essential.


Nettle plays a very important role in increasing potency. It can be used both as a separate raw material and in combination with other drugs. Nettle is infused in boiling water and taken three times before meals. The infusion will help normalize genitourinary function and improve metabolism.


A powerful stimulant of sexual activity. To improve erectile function, ginseng is used as a tea or tincture. The ginseng root is mixed with honey and infused for a week and a half. The tool is applied 3 times a day. The root helps improve the functioning of the endocrine system, stimulates libido, strengthens and improves erection.


The most useful herb for men. To increase the potency, the infusion is the most suitable. Dried inflorescences are poured with boiling water and allowed to stand. Recommended to consume throughout the day.

Grass of San Juan

In addition to increasing potency, St. John's wort works very well on the intestines and urinary organs. To prepare the tincture at home, you need to take 15 grams of the herb, add water and boil for 10 minutes. Strain and let it rest. Consume daily, 6 times a tablespoon.


A popular remedy not only for increasing sexual activity, but also for restoring physical strength, relieving stress, and reducing heart rate. Lemongrass is used in its pure form. It is recommended to prepare tea from the bark, leaves and fruits. The plant should be taken with caution, as an overdose can lead to over-excitation of the nervous system.


At home, mint will help improve potency and strengthen the result. Ten teaspoons of dried herbs are poured with a liter of boiling water and infused for 25 minutes. Strain and drink three times a day.

What other recipes exist

Recipe number 1

Mix honey and walnuts in equal proportions and take 1 tablespoon after meals for a month.

Recipe number 2

Onion. It can be used both in the form of an infusion and decoction, as well as in its pure form. As a rule, the broth is prepared from seeds - 1 tbsp. l. poured into a glass of boiling water. It is then filtered and consumed daily, twice a day.

Recipe number 3

Mustard seeds are an effective erection enhancer. It is best to use the product in the form of lotions that are applied to the male organ twice a day. Mustard plasters, which can be applied to the legs at night, also give instant results.

Recipe number 4

Mix olive oil and garlic oil in a ratio of 4: 1 tsp. Take in the morning on an empty stomach. An effective home remedy.

Recipe number 5

Essential oils like geranium, ginger, rose, sandalwood, and others will help improve erectile function. A few drops of oil are mixed with two tablespoons of honey and then consumed immediately.

Using a folk remedy, or better, a few recipes at home, you can safely begin the fight against a weakened erection.