What foods will help a man improve his erection?

In order to maintain a regular sex life and health, every modern man needs to know which products for a healthy erection and potency are the most suitable. Doctors advise starting to take an interest in this and include them in your diet already from the time of puberty for young men, and especially this should be taken into account in connection with the start of regular sexual activity.

What is male potency connected with?

It is important for a man to realize that lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity and psychological state are directly related to potency.

increasing the potency of food

The male penis enters a healthy and improved erection by filling the blood vessels adjacent to the urethra. It is the spongy and cavernous structure of the internal tissues of the penis that contributes to its rest or erection. At rest, the vessels are not filled with blood, and during an erection, the blood runs to the walls, which creates the hardening and elongation of the flesh. That is why the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system and the heart itself, a healthy endocrine and nervous system are necessary for the complete filling of the blood vessels of the penis. The penis in men is an indicator of their overall health and fertility.

For a long and successful functioning of vital processes in the male body, including erection, the daily diet should be enriched with products that can increase and maintain potency.

A healthy diet

Actually, there are a lot of food products with which you can easily increase potency and prolong an erection. Someone will call them aphrodisiacs, someone a vitamin and healthy food, but for someone it is a familiar food.

man eats vegetables to empower

But when choosing certain food products, men are advised to forego, first of all, those who:

  • violate the metabolism;
  • provoke the appearance of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels;
  • lead to obesity and diabetes, etc.

Products that increase erection are not something supernatural, but absolutely traditional foods that can be purchased even in the nearest store. These products include:

  • seafood;
  • a fish;
  • lean meats;
  • spicy vegetables;
  • walnuts;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • honey;
  • fruits and vegetables.

It is worth remembering that men should consume most of the foods on this list on a daily basis. An exception can only be products that provoke an allergic reaction in a person, for example, honey.

vegetables and herbs to boost

Special attention should be paid to mentioning alcohol. If a man has to periodically increase his erection, then it is necessary to reduce the dose of strong alcoholic beverages consumed or to stop drinking them altogether.

The benefits of aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac products should be consumed rationally. For example, replace all sweets and sugar with natural honey. If you add 100 g of walnuts to it every day, you will get an excellent dessert that will saturate the body with vegetable protein and restore sexual strength.

nut for potency

Doctors advise not to give up chocolate. But it is natural chocolate that contains 50% or more cocoa beans that will not harm male potency.

Regarding the consumption of meat products, it is better to give preference to natural lean meats, giving up smoked sausages and products that contain soy, preservatives and colorings in large quantities.

Among the stimulants of fish potency, the leaders are salmon, flounder and mackerel. Together with them, they increase arousal and form high-quality sperm from mussels, shrimp, oysters, squid and seaweed. These aphrodisiacs completely affect the functioning of all body systems.

The use of fermented dairy products such as fermented baked milk, sour cream, cream, and kefir can help to easily assimilate the trace elements necessary for the body. Eggs, especially chicken and quail eggs, are best eaten raw or boiled. So they quickly saturate the male body with vitamins B6, A, E.

Herbs for men's health

The second component of the products that should be followed to increase the erection is its naturalness. First of all, you need to pay attention to the herbs: parsley, celery, coriander and basil.

It is these spices that contain vitamins B, E, A, PP and C so necessary for health, as well as minerals iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus. They are rich in fiber and chlorophyll.

Celery is a storehouse of substances that can increase potency. By possessing diuretic properties, this herb acts as a prophylactic agent against prostatitis and infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, and the male sex hormone androsterone contained in celery directly increases potency and improves erection, acting as a kind of pheromone substance that it can attract women even on the energy level.

You should definitely include garlic and onion in your daily diet, and their use is most effective raw. Asparagus, radishes, juicy carrots and beets contribute to the healthy functioning of the genitals and their glands. Legume dishes will not be superfluous on the menu.

By eating properly, giving up bad habits and exchanging the immobile lifestyle for sports, a man is able to regain lost sexual power. Only an integrated approach to his health will help him to feel good for many years and to always be in shape.