Should a man have discharge when he is aroused and what type?

During arousal, men secrete a clear, colorless mucus called pre-ejaculation. It is formed along with the erection, but can also appear after it. If there is no lubrication during arousal in men, then this is a symptom of some pathology related to the reproductive system. The release of this liquid prevents injuries to the male genital organ during vaginal penetration.

In medicine, lubrication in men during arousal is called temporary. This substance is formed not only before sexual intercourse, but also during slight sexual arousal, during caresses and also during masturbation. The appearance of lubrication in men during arousal indicates the desire to have intimate intimacy with their partner.

discharge in men when excited

Pregnancy probability

Since the presence of sperm in lubricant is confirmed by laboratory tests and one sperm is sufficient for conception, unprotected sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy. What conditions increase the likelihood of conception:

  • the health of both partners;
  • satisfactory acid-base balance in the vagina;
  • normal, without fusions, etc. , light of the fallopian tubes;
  • ovarian function without failure;
  • ovulation during or shortly after intercourse;
  • stable hormonal levels;
  • deep lubricant penetration;
  • pre-seminal mucus contains sperm with a high level of viability;
  • He and she are absolutely compatible.

The male semen particles trapped in the lubricant are negligible and the sperm are not active and cannot fertilize the egg. However, if lubricant enters the vagina of a healthy man without bad habits, conception will occur in 3 out of 10 cases. Once in the vagina, sperm remain viable for approximately 2 hours.

If a married couple is not thinking about procreation, they should consider birth control. Interrupted and repeated sexual intercourse are not classified as effective methods of contraception, since the ejaculate left in the urethral canal is not washed away with soap or water. Some men try to clean the ducts by urinating, but this measure is not 100% guaranteed.

Sex without penetration allows the couple to get to know each other as deeply as possible. Increasingly, young couples are wondering if it is possible to get pregnant by cumming during non-penetrative sexual contact. Is it possible to get pregnant from the mucus that comes out of the erect penis?

This type of sexual contact is considered safe by many, but it is still worth protecting yourself. It is quite natural that caressing, masturbation and oral sex lead to orgasm and the release of genetic material.

Artificial insemination is a process where semen is inserted into the vagina. This procedure is less effective than full sexual intercourse and this is why:

  • part of the sperm remains on the walls of the container or syringe used;
  • the material used is exposed to light and air;
  • If partner functions are assigned not to a loved one, but to a donor, the woman becomes nervous and finds herself in a state of nervous tension.

Through clothes, fabric.

The average man's sperm contains more than 20 million representatives of genetic memory and a complete set of chromosomes. Each sperm is ready for fertilization as soon as the egg is released into the fallopian tubes.

If a man has ejaculated and Cooper's fluid has not entered the vagina, it is impossible to get pregnant through a towel, clothing or fingers. However, you should not let your guard down, because even a drop of fresh sperm that ends up on your underwear and reaches your genitals can cause conception. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, it is necessary to change your underwear after each sexual intercourse, not use the same napkin or towel, etc.

Composition of pre-semen

Pre-ejaculation is a mucous secretion that contains various enzymes and alkalis. Since the environment of the female vagina is acidic and rejects male semen, the lubricant neutralizes the aggressiveness of said female microflora.

There is a myth that says that secretion from a man's genital organ can make a woman pregnant. The fact is that the lubricant does not contain sperm, but it may be present if sexual intercourse occurred without contraceptives, several hours after masturbation or after previous sexual intercourse.

To avoid unwanted pregnancies, experts recommend using condoms or other contraceptive methods.

How can you get pregnant?

When considering the possibility of pregnancy from male preejaculation, doctors typically pay attention to the physiological aspects of cessation of intercourse. There are several options in which you can still get pregnant thanks to lubricant.

There is a very real version that gynecologists consider the cause of conception. Couples who continually interrupt sexual relations are at risk.

The essence of termination is to remove the male penis from the vagina before ejaculation. With a high level of control of this method, there is practically no chance of getting pregnant. During repeated sexual intercourse, when lubricant flows through the urethra, viable sperm can be found in it. This can easily lead to the conception of a child, especially if after ejaculation the man did not urinate or wash his external genitals well.

The man's mucus first enters the vagina at the beginning of repeated sexual intercourse and carries a certain amount of sperm, sometimes sufficient for fertilization. Conception is more possible in inexperienced men who seem to know their body well, but lose control of themselves in the process.

Despite the widespread belief that one sperm is enough for pregnancy, many of them die when passing through the birth canal, releasing special enzymes. They also participate in conception by dissolving the egg shell. Without these enzymes, the sperm that must fertilize it will not be able to penetrate inside.

For conception to occur during interrupted intercourse, the couple's fertility must be high.

Principal functions

Men secrete lubricant during arousal; It is not only a transparent lubricating liquid, but also a protective reaction of the mucous membrane. Such secretions facilitate the penetration of the male sexual organ into the female vagina and friction, if a representative of the fair sex has secreted a small amount of such a substance.

The secretion of lubricant in men during arousal has several very important functions, which are the following:

  1. Neutralization of the increased acidity of the vaginal microflora.
  2. Facilitating the penetration of the penis, helping the movement of sperm along the cervix.
  3. Greater probability of conception.
  4. Elimination of the contents of the urinary canal.

In an acidic environment, sperm die quite quickly. Thanks to the alkaline presemen, they enter the reproductive tract intact and can fertilize the egg. That is why male lubricant has the ability to protect the viability of sperm.

In addition, thanks to this male secretion from the urethra, the chances of conception increase, since the seminal fluid penetrates much faster into the uterus during sliding. Natural lubricant helps avoid the use of artificial substitutes and also facilitates the penetration of the penis into the vagina if the woman has a small amount of her own secretions.

Composition of lubricant for men

During sexual intercourse, every man releases lubricant at the moment of strong arousal. In medical terminology, this substance is called pre-ejaculate. The purpose of this secretion is mainly to neutralize the acidic environment so that the sperm can survive their passage through the urinary canal. The amount depends entirely on the man's lifestyle and health. It has been proven that the maximum amount of said ejaculate is 6 ml and the minimum is 3 ml.

Lubrication helps during sexual relations and promotes conception.

But not many people know what it is for. And its purpose is very important. It is necessary for protection and strengthening, and without it the conception process could not occur. This is mainly due to the fact that this ejaculate contains elements that are capable of destroying the acidic environment that is formed during urination in the urethra of the male genital organ.

The microflora in the vaginal opening also changes, since in female secretions there is also an acidic environment and if it is not diluted with the help of male secretions, conception cannot occur at all.

In addition, it is the lubricant that serves to relieve women of unpleasant and painful sensations at the moment when the man introduces the penis into the vagina.

Therefore, many assumptions that this lubricant serves for the fertilization process are completely unfounded regarding the presence of sperm in it.

What is normality like?

So, the question of whether a man secretes lubricant during arousal has been resolved. But what is she like? Externally, this liquid looks like simple transparent mucus. During sexual intercourse it is released in quantities of 1 to 5 ml. This volume is enough to make sexual contact comfortable for the couple. This seed contains smegma, which is a fatty substance that accumulates in the folds of the foreskin. If a man is faithful to only one sexual partner or uses a condom during sexual intercourse, then there are no color changes or additional inclusions in the composition of the liquid. Only a slight whitish tint is possible.

Is it possible to get pregnant

Many girls are worried about the question of whether pregnancy can occur from the secretions of male representatives and what is the probability of such a result.

To answer the question asked, it is necessary to understand the physiology of men and the processes occurring in their body.

Although this problem has long worried all scientists, since it is quite difficult to accurately determine the role of one or another male secretion in the process of female fertilization.

Types of discharge

In a sexually mature man, three types of discharge are possible:

  • Sperm or ejaculate is a cloudy gray substance that is released during sexual intercourse when peak arousal is reached. When ejaculation occurs, a woman can become pregnant through contact with a man.
  • Cooper's lubricant or fluid is a transparent, viscous substance secreted by glands. It is intended for specific purposes and is unlikely to be involved in the conception process. Although some scientists maintain that this is indirectly possible.
  • Smegma has a specific odor and white color. This is a substance made from dead epithelial cells, products of the sebaceous glands, and moisture from the foreskin. She cannot participate in the fertilization process in any way.

It is doubtful that the lubricant has the ability to transport sperm to the egg. Its main functions are to facilitate the penetration of the penis into the vagina, as well as to neutralize the acidic environment of the female genital organs for the comfort of the sperm. Otherwise, the lubricant does not fulfill the function of fertilizing the woman.

Are sperm present?

To understand the essence of the process, it is necessary to understand where male secretions come from. Thus, the ejaculate or seminal fluid matures in the testicles and the lubricant is released exclusively when Cooper's glands are strongly stimulated.

Scientists confidently say that the glands that produce male lubricant do not have the ability to produce sperm. Therefore, the possibility of a woman becoming pregnant by a man who has not achieved orgasm is unlikely.

But still, a group of scientists claims that a small percentage of sperm is present in the lubricant. And this has been demonstrated in laboratory studies.

And as you know, to get a pregnant woman, it is enough to have sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation and receive at least one viable sperm from the man.


There is a high probability that a new life will be born, even if several sexual relations are carried out one after another. In this case, viable sperm remaining from previous sexual intercourse can enter the lubricant secreted by the man. Once inside the woman's body, they find their way to the egg and fertilize it.

The theory of the possibility of having a child thanks to the couple's lubrication is confirmed by numerous couples who practice interrupted sexual relations.

According to research, it does not matter how many live gametes there are in the precum, the main thing is that there is at least one

Official statistics

Statistics show that approximately one in five couples had children using PPA as a contraceptive method.

On the so-called dangerous days, you should not tempt fate and have sexual relations or do so using barrier contraceptive methods.

There are cases when a girl suffered even during menstruation. It is quite simple to explain, each ovary lives according to its own cycle, that is, when one of them menstruates, the other actively releases a mature egg, waiting for fertilization.

Special factors that increase the chances.

You should understand that certain conditions contribute to faster penetration of sperm into the male lubrication and fertilization of the woman's egg:

  • Repeated sexual contact.
  • Intercourse interrupted in the middle of a woman's menstrual cycle. This is a direct path to conceiving a child. A woman is ovulating, her egg has matured and she has been released, awaiting fertilization. During this period, even a single viable gamete is sufficient to reach the mature corpus luteum.
  • PPA with repeated contact on the days of ovulation.

The main condition for conception is not the quantity of sperm in the precum, but its quality. They must be mobile and viable in order to travel through the woman's reproductive tract to the finished egg.

You should not tempt fate and endanger yourself and your partner by trying to avoid pregnancy through withdrawal on your own. This method is not a reliable protection not only against unwanted pregnancies, but also against diseases transmitted through sexual relations. That is why it is better to use barrier contraceptives, which provide a high percentage of protection to both partners.

When to see a doctor?

Many women still don't know if men have lubrication when they are aroused. Some people just didn't pay attention to it. However, it is a fact that this liquid is extremely important during sexual relations.

If any suspicious symptoms appear, a man should immediately consult a doctor. Thanks to this, it will be possible to identify the disease at an early stage of its development, and therefore a speedy recovery will occur. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the composition and tone of your pre-seed. Additional symptoms that help identify the diagnosis include the following:

  1. Increased body temperature, fever, heat.
  2. Sensation of pain or discomfort in the area of the organs located in the pelvis.
  3. Skin redness, swelling and rashes.
  4. Bloody and purulent impurities in male secretion.
  5. Burning and itching in the urethra.
  6. Hyperemia in the penis area.
  7. Erectile dysfunction, urinary retention.

Similar pathological processes are observed in the male body during excitement and during rest in the case of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. If several or even one symptom is detected, a doctor should be consulted immediately. The man will likely need urgent antibacterial therapy.

What do studies and statistics show?

Coitus interruptus is very popular even though it cannot be considered a reliable method of contraception.

Compared to the equally common contraceptive method using a condom, the reliability of which is estimated at 95%, the PPA method provides protection of no more than 75%.

This result may make some people feel very happy, while others may feel upset.

According to statistics, out of every 5 couples who perform abortion, the girl became pregnant due to non-compliance with the rules (loss of control) or due to the entry of male lubricant into the female genital organs.

Of course, many nuances play an important role here. There are many such situations, such as:

  • regularity of a woman's menstrual cycle;
  • maintain and observe the calendar of the menstrual cycle: avoid sexual relations on dangerous days, ovulation days, etc.

There are many cases in which a girl was able to get pregnant thanks to a man's lubricant immediately after her period or a few days later directly during menstruation (during bleeding).Many people think this is impossible. In fact, this is possible and can be explained very simply.

While one ovary is busy producing an egg, the other menstruates. That is, each organ follows its own life cycle.

Therefore, if there is even a fraction of a percent who can get pregnant thanks to male lubricant during menstruation, then you should think about contraception.

After all, we are talking about pregnancy and preserving a new life.

Pre-ejaculation is not released

If a man has a lot of lubrication when he is aroused, then this can be called a characteristic of his body. However, in some cases, the stronger sex does not notice the release of fluid during sexual intercourse, since it begins to be released only after the penis penetrates the vagina.

In 5% of cases, lack of lubrication is a symptom of the presence of some type of inflammatory disease. In such a situation, it is best to consult a specialist about this problem. Attention should also be paid to the fact that in older people, discharge from the urethra may be completely absent.

What is precum?

This biological fluid is a secret - mucous secretions that are formed in special glands. These organs are represented by a complex structure that surrounds the entire urethra:

  • The bulbourethral (Cooper's) glands are located at the base of the male penis. They are small in size and are also connected by their shell to the muscles of the perineum. During sexual arousal, the tone of the pelvic muscle tissue increases, which is due to better blood circulation in the pelvis during an erection. And uniform forward movements during sexual intercourse (friction) contribute to the periodic "expulsion" of secretions through the gland ducts.
  • Littre's glands, small formations located along the wall of the urethra, play a minor role. Its function is to cover it evenly with mucous secretion. In size, they are significantly inferior to bulbourethral vesicles, but in terms of the volume of lubricant released, their value is the same.

Preliminary lubrication is not always released, but only at the height of sexual arousal and during sexual intercourse. Two main factors influence its products: the mechanical movements of the penis and the nervous excitement of the partner. When intercourse begins, a small amount enters the woman's vagina as the lubricant builds up in the man's urethra. What is the probability of getting pregnant in this case? It is minimal, since not even all complete sexual intercourse results in pregnancy; It all depends on the state of the sperm.

Pre-cum functions

Precum lives up to its name: it prepares the male urethra for the eruption of sperm. This is due to the dual purpose of this organ: it is most often used in the body to excrete urine. Normally it has an acidic reaction, which prevents the proliferation of various microbes in it.

The "acidic" walls of the urethra and urine residues in its lumen have a detrimental effect on sperm, reducing their motility and damaging the structure. Therefore, secretions have several beneficial properties that increase the activity of seminal fluid:

  1. Its mucous nature allows it to cover the walls of the urethra, accelerating the movement of sperm through it. Thanks to this effect, it slides faster during ejaculation and much less remains on the walls.
  2. The alkaline nature of the secretion fully corresponds to the reaction of the man's seminal fluid. It reduces acidity in the urethra and also enters the vagina. Women also have a normal acid reaction there, so favorable conditions are created for the survival of sperm.
  3. The secretion contains a significant amount of immunoglobulins - special blood proteins that prevent inflammation. Thanks to its action, the male seed is slightly susceptible to bacteria. This property stops working if the partners have sexually transmitted diseases, since it is only used for prevention.
  4. The continuous secretion of pre-cum before sexual intercourse ensures complete cleansing of the male urethra from urine residues and microbes. In this case, the first drops can fall on clothing, often being misunderstood by men and women.

Change in consistency and color.

It was said above that if a lot of lubricant is released during arousal in men, this is the norm, but if there is too much, this should alert you. However, changes in color and consistency are considered reason to consult a doctor. Normally, the color of the seminal fluid is transparent, slightly whitish. You should also pay attention to the density of these secretions. The seminal fluid should not be thick and should flow freely from the urinary canal during sexual arousal. Reasons for contacting a specialist include the following:

  1. Formation of an unpleasant fishy smell, containing moldy aroma.
  2. Impurities of pus and blood.
  3. Changes in the structure of the seminal fluid, formation of a cheesy sediment, thickening.
  4. Shadow change.

Red, gray, orange, green and other shades are a sign of an infectious or inflammatory process in the body. The male body reacts in this way to any viral or bacterial invasion of it. In some cases, colored discharge is a sign of the natural rehabilitation process. For example, after prostate surgery, after antibiotic therapy or any other surgical intervention.

Transparent slimy discharge in some cases indicates infection with infectious diseases, for example, streptococcus, staphylococcus and E. coli. However, the appearance of bacteria will be observed not only in the precum, but also in other secretions of the male organ.

doctors opinion

The greenish-gray tint of the liquid indicates the presence of infection in the male body. However, this symptom is not always a sign of sexually transmitted diseases, ARVI or influenza can manifest themselves in this way. In parallel, the man's body temperature increases.

Thick white discharge indicates the development of a fungal disease, most often with candidiasis. This disease is transmitted to men through an infected sexual partner. When this pathogen is detected, it is necessary to treat both women and men.

If the liquid is red, this indicates the development of a urological disease, for example, cystitis, urethritis, but it can also be a symptom of chronic prostatitis and other ailments that are not associated with the urinary system.