Methods to increase potency.

man taking drugs for potency

With age, many people have problems in the intimate sphere, so they begin to be interested in questions about how to increase libido in men. Modern medicine cannot offer a single method to solve this problem. To deal with a decrease in sexual interest, men must undergo a comprehensive treatment, which includes a wide range of different techniques.

There are many ways to get rid of all the barriers to a satisfying sex life, but in order to choose the right one, you need to understand the true cause of the difficulties that have arisen. In some cases, it is enough to use folk remedies, sometimes medication is needed, and someone may need the help of a psychologist.

Folk remedies to increase potency

Mother Nature can be a great healer. Some plants have a very beneficial effect on the body in general and potency in particular.

For example, carrot juice combined with honey can have a similar effect. Such a cocktail should be drunk 3 times a day for a quarter cup. Notable properties also have a mixture of nuts and honey in a ratio of one to one. And if the mixture is washed down with milk, the effect will increase. You can add medicinal lungwort to soups and salads. Asparagus, maple saplings, pine nuts, and pumpkin seeds are effective for increasing potency.

medical method

The method of using the tablets is very convenient, the effect appears quickly, and the effect of the drug is very local. There are very few side effects, the drug is not addictive, although some experts speak of "psychological dependence. "

It is best to combine drug treatment with other methods, such as a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, then the result of taking the pills will be even more effective. You should also be careful with the dosage.

psychological impotence

In the event that the cause of impotence lies in psychological problems, it is often enough to undergo special treatment from a psychotherapist. In this treatment, the direct participation of the beloved woman is also important, since the female body is the most powerful stimulant of erotic desire.

Psychological impotence appears suddenly, in the form of a reaction to a factor that irritates the man, and disappears equally suddenly after overcoming a psychological barrier.