Increased potency after 50-60 years: drugs and lifestyle

All representatives of the strong half of humanity want to remain self-confident at any age.

Understanding the causes of a decrease in sexual abilities is the correct way to eliminate the problems and take measures to treat and prevent this unpleasant phenomenon.

the pepper symbolizes the increase in potency after 60 years

Why does potency decrease with age?

There are a number of important points that cause a decrease in the sexual function of a man after 50-60 years:

  • Low levels of androgens (sex hormones). The peak of testosterone production falls at the age of thirty; then the concentration of the hormone in the body begins to gradually decrease; this process is considered natural. It is impossible to stop the drop in androgen levels; however, attempts can be made in a timely manner to slow down the hormone deficiency.
  • Narrowing of the blood vessels. The older the person, the weaker the elasticity of the vessels; In addition, an important role is played by the development of age-related atherosclerosis, a phenomenon in which cholesterol is deposited on the inner wall of the arteries, preventing normal blood flow. As a result, the blood in the body circulates more slowly, reducing the blood supply to the penis. In addition to increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction, cholesterol plaques carry the threat of stroke and heart attack.
  • Associated pathology. With age, the problem of cardiovascular pathology (for example, arterial hypertension), which also negatively affects the circulatory system of the body, becomes more relevant. The development of type 2 diabetes mellitus over the years should also be mentioned, which also negatively affects the walls of the blood vessels.

Rules for increasing potency after 50-60 years.

Reducing the risk of developing erectile dysfunction requires an integrated approach:

  • It is necessary to radically reconsider the way of life. Be sure to limit alcohol, quit smoking, and shed extra pounds. Of great importance is a deep and complete sleep, at least 7-8 hours a day. It is important to get a doctor's advice on all medications that are taken (if there is a comorbidity): some medications have a side effect in the form of a decrease in male potency. Often, the deterioration of men's health is observed with high cholesterol, depression and psychosis, and also due to the use of certain antihypertensive drugs.
  • Make sure to make time for physical activity! You do not need to spend hours in the gym, usually enough special physical exercises performed at home. Sports activities improve blood flow in the pelvic area, which means that the genitals receive a much better supply.
  • Note! Weight training is the most natural way to increase testosterone levels in men!

  • A physiological increase in testosterone is often observed in stressful situations: for example, a contrast shower is a good way to maintain potency for many years. A hot bath, on the contrary, negatively affects the level of androgens in the body.
  • In some cases, a man has a special condition - psychological erectile dysfunction, which may be based on a negative sexual experience. In such cases, it is important to be able to relax: use psychological counseling, mild sedatives, meditation.

Preparations to increase potency.

In addition to general recommendations and a set of measures taken, a positive effect of potency-enhancing drugs is also noted. These drugs help the body almost immediately, and the effect lasts about 2-3 hours.

Note! Taking medication may be accompanied by side effects: headache, nasal congestion or dyspeptic disorders.

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Phytotherapy for potency

Scientific studies point to the positive effect of herbal medicine in preventing the development of erectile dysfunction:

  • Ginseng. The herb reduces stress, increases endurance and concentration. In the genital area, it has a modulating effect on the blood supply to the penis, increases the duration of erection and increases libido. One capsule is used 2-3 times a day for about a month. The side effect is insomnia.
  • Peruvian maca (Meyen's bug). The plant is rare, but very valuable: it contains amino acids, iron, magnesium and iodine in large quantities. In studies with rats, the drug significantly increased the sexual activity of the latter. About 1 gram is applied twice a day for two months.
  • Yohimbine is a natural substance from the bark of a West African evergreen tree. It activates nerve impulses to the genitals, dilates blood vessels and prolongs erection time. One tablet is used twice a day (no more than 10 weeks).

The impact of funds on health and the body

The US Food and Drug Administration does not approve the use of herbal preparations.

However, men often use both herbal medicine and official drug treatment. Usually such therapy does not have any detrimental effect on the body; in some cases, there is headache and insomnia.

Note! All medications must be taken in consultation with your doctor!

Additional methods

If drug therapy is undesirable, general recommendations for lifestyle changes are used. They also have a positive effect and can prolong a man's sexual activity.

Exercises to increase power.

There are a number of basic methods to increase physical activity in men; Its main task is to improve blood flow in the body:

  • Pelvic floor exercises (or Kegel exercises for men).
  • Kundalini yoga.
  • Aerobic exercises (running and outdoor games).

proper nutrition

The daily diet should be low in calories, divided into 5 meals. It is necessary to exclude from the diet fried, spicy and salty. Ditch the coffee and replace it with green tea. For alcohol, only red wine is allowed (no more than one glass).

Asparagus, celery and bananas are also believed to have the ability to increase potency. Include the following foods in your diet:

  • Tomatoes
  • watermelon
  • ginger
  • grenade
  • dark chocolate
  • oatmeal
  • walnuts.


A special massage stimulates points on the body, thus improving sexual function:

  • Press with three fingers on the sacrum for 3 seconds;
  • Apply pressure to the epigastric region (upper abdomen) for 5 seconds;
  • It acts on the plantar part of the foot.

You can also contact an experienced massage therapist, whose manual therapy will favorably affect the stimulation of the general blood flow.

Home remedies

In folk medicine, tinctures (extractions of plant materials for alcohol) and decoctions (water-based) are used:

  • nettle
  • thyme
  • calamus swamp
  • garlic tincture

Saffron can be used as a seasoning for dishes; popular nutritional mixture of nuts with honey, which is a natural stimulant of potency.