Causes of discharge in men and treatment of provocative pathologies

Allocations in men imply neoplasms that appear from the glans penis. We speak of liquid or mucous inclusions that protrude from the urethra. This is a very alarming sign, and justifiably causes concern. Patients are always concerned when excessive discharge from the urethra occurs.

Do not worry right away: a little discharge is quite normal, but if the patient has determined that the discharge is too heavy, then it is worth contacting a specialist doctor. First you need to define what the norm is.

doctor's appointment and discharge when he is excited

Normal discharge from the glans

The white discharge on the head in men is undoubtedly an alarming symptom, but there are also those that are not the result of an inflammatory process, or any pathology.

They even testify to the normal state of things, healthy well-being:

  • Sometimes men experience excessive sexual arousal. This condition is accompanied not only by psychological and emotional signs, but also physical ones. At that time, only a few drops of secretions are formed during arousal on the foreskin and head. These are mucous inclusions that are colorless, transparent. The fluid performs an important function, it protects the genitals, so these "symptoms" are quite normal. It is important to take into account the moment of formation of such a fluid, only during excessive excitation. For example, such overexcitement appears during the morning uncontrolled erection;
  • During puberty, phenomena such as wet dreams appear. Semen separation at this point is quite natural, just like in sexual intercourse;
  • There is also such a phenomenon as uncontrolled excretion defecation. They occur during defecation, when a man is too jealous, he strains. This phenomenon is connected and becomes possible with a special structure of internal organs. These organs are located too close together, so the secret is released when the intestines are overloaded with feces. These are insignificant drops, and the time of their appearance should also be taken into account;
  • Also the structure, the special formation of the body, explains voiding prostorrhea. In this case, the fluids leave the urethra, they also have an insignificant volume.

These causes of excretions in men under the foreskin are quite natural. Although there is some debate in the medical community as to whether prostorrhea is part of the norm. But if such a phenomenon does not cause discomfort, does not cause inconvenience, then it is not necessary to treat it.

Prostorrhoea does not indicate the presence of any inflammatory process. But just in case, you need to check the condition of the glands to make sure they are healthy. But white discharge from the penis or under the foreskin should be taken as a signal of some kind of ailment and undergo a thorough check.

White secretions on the head, if they appear, are almost constantly present. But other inclusions are a short-term phenomenon that does not cause pain or discomfort. They are short-term, and if the rest of the time the hole is dry, then this is normal. Also, the urethra should be clean, without plaque.

When should I see a doctor?

Everyone knows what state to consider normal, even purely intuitively. Excessive discharge is not in vain for men to worry about, even if they refuse to admit it. In this case, you can not postpone the visit to the doctor. According to some signs, it can be understood that the discharge is dangerous, the earlier the treatment, the more successful the treatment.

A man can almost always see the penis without hindrance, such is the peculiarity of the structure of the body. If the liquid appears on its own, this may be a symptom of certain diseases, but if the consistency, volume and other characteristics also change, then attention should be paid.

It is better not to allow the situation to worsen and take all possible measures immediately when the first symptoms appear:

  • Pathological excretions have a specific color, for example, a yellowish-gray tint. White discharge from the penis is especially unpleasant. If a brown liquid appears, this is already an extremely alarming symptom. White discharge under the foreskin in men can be a sign of an infectious or sexually transmitted disease;
  • It is worth immediately contacting a specialist if a mixture of blood is found in secret, as this is a cause for great concern;
  • Microbes and their vital activity can cause an unpleasant odor;
  • If new symptoms appear, such as itching and burning, that do not go away in a few days, you should see a doctor immediately. The most unpleasant thing is that they can accompany sexual intercourse. In addition, there is often pain when urinating;
  • The consistency indicates the pathological nature of the secret. Curdled discharge in men can be a sign of chlamydia. STDs during the incubation period can continue without any signs, but some changes indicate the activity of bacteria. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the body. But if the disease is not treated, it will turn into a chronic form, and then the effect on the body will become extremely intense.

Possible diseases: how to determine them yourself?

As already mentioned, sexually transmitted diseases can manifest themselves in the early stages as minor and difficult to discern symptoms. White discharge from the head of the penis is hard to miss, but it shows up much later.

To determine the presence and obvious signs of a disease, you don't have to turn a blind eye to the symptoms. It is always necessary to carefully check the linen and, in case of doubt, it is better to examine the condition of the penis in the morning, when the mucus has accumulated during the night. It is worth noting that after the abuse of alcohol and spicy foods, additional mucus can form.

What ailments should be suspected first? Often the discharge becomes a symptom of urethritis. This is inflammation and the separation of mucus is a defensive reaction.

White mucus from the head in men usually indicates candidiasis. Thrush is not always sexually transmitted, it can be the result of taking certain substances, antibiotic therapy.

The allocation of white fluid in men is best treated in a timely manner and together with a partner. Otherwise, the disease will be passed from one partner to another. It is necessary to restore the microflora, eat well and maintain hygiene.

White discharge from the penis also appears with some sexually transmitted diseases. But more often the latter proceed almost without symptoms. The treatment plan is developed by the attending physician, taking into account the clinical picture.

It is necessary to immediately exclude cancer, low-quality tumors.

This is a serious ailment, it can lead to excessive pathological secretion. After all, excess fluid becomes a consequence of the presence of an inflammatory process. And an oncological tumor can also lead to the appearance of a focus of inflammation.

Consultation with a specialist is necessary, and the sooner you see a doctor, the better. This is an important condition for the correct and effective impact on the body. It is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations of doctors, without stopping treatment.